Office IT Relocation Services

Office Technology Relocation Services


Proper IT planning and handling is crucial in your office move.

When you’re relocating your business, there are dozens of components to consider. Between juggling computer setups, cable structures, and the many other IT aspects of your office, downtime is expected. But extended downtime leads to lost revenue and unhappy customers.

Velocita will develop a comprehensive plan to make your office move successful, painless, and quick. We’re here for you during breakdown all the way to setup and beyond in your new location. Let our managed IT services do the heavy lifting – so you can focus on the next chapter of your business.

Office Moves

Our Office Move Process


Planning is the most important part of any office relocation. We need to know what your setup will look like in the new location long before the move takes place.


There’s a lot that goes into tech setup. This is where we enter the designated space and build your perfect IT infrastructure to account for future needs and long-term success.


We’ll manage the setup process with network carriers, switching emails, and transferring DNS to the new IP addresses. Your servers will be up and running before you’re ready to start working again.


Velocita’s IT support team won’t leave until we confirm that all systems are working and performing as planned. On your big day, we’ll stay to help with any connectivity issues.

Office Relocation Customers Receive


Working email systems

Switched DNS

New IP addresses

Is a big office move on the horizon?

Turn to Velocita’s IT services to set up your networks,
machines, and IT infrastructure.

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