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Copiers are designed with hundreds of components – and hundreds of ways to break down.

A broken copier can quickly halt productivity in your office. Your business can’t rely on Band-Aid fixes or inefficient workarounds – you need a repair solution that saves you time, money, and stress in the long run.

Velocita’s IT services offer complete coverage for your copier and other devices. No matter if you use Xerox, HP, Brother, or any other device, our technicians are trained to fix everything from printing problems, scanning malfunctions, faxing complications, and more.

Copier Repair

Velocita’s Copier Repair Process

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Velocita’s repair process starts with a friendly chat. We need to know which type of copier you’re having issues with, understand the malfunction, the potential cause(s), and what steps to take to get it working again. Call our office or send us an email at

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Our Joliet location is equipped with a repair facility to fix your copier – or we can send a technician to you. You may drop off your device at 50 Barney Drive, Joliet, IL 60435 during business hours or ship it to us. We’ll get to work analyzing your copier as soon as it comes through our doors.

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As a managed services provider, we don’t cut corners in fixing devices. Once we have your copier, our technicians will do a deep investigation of the problem and determine the best remedy. Our experts will get in contact with you to discuss the repair plan prior to conducting any fixes. 

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As soon as you approve our plan to fix your copier, Velocita’s technicians won’t waste any time in getting your machine up and running again. Given the nature of the problem, repairs can be completed in a few hours or a few days – we’ll give you an estimation and let you know as soon as it’s ready. 


Once your copier is fully-functional again, you may pick it up at our Joliet location - or we are happy to ship it to you for a fee. Let us know what works best and we’ll make sure your device gets where it needs to be. 

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Copier holdups should not be a daily, weekly, or monthly occurrence. After we repair your machine, we’ll set up a maintenance schedule to make sure future issues are kept to a minimum. 

Velocita’s Copier Repair &
Maintenance Services Cover:


Network connectivity issues

Hardwiring problems

Hardware malfunctions

Paper jams

Lines on paper

Wrinkled/damaged pages

Low cartridges or toner issues

Ink that won’t print right

Spots on page

Copies too light or too dark

A faulty copier shouldn’t be
your business reality.  

Turn to Velocita’s IT services to get your machine running properly – no more hiccups.  


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