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CloudTalk Pro VoIP Phone Systems


Phones will never go out of style – but your business telephone services can go obsolete before you know it.

Customers want responses now – and they have no problem going to your competitors if you can’t provide one. Staying competitive calls for a cloud-based telephone system that complies with customers’ terms – not the other way around.

Velocita proudly works with CloudTalk Pro – an innovative remote phone system designed to scale with businesses. Our experts are trained to configure your entire organization in a few easy steps.


Velocita’s CloudTalk Pro Business
Phone Services


ReachUC is Velocita’s mobility app for CloudTalk Pro. The program allows employees to easily access their desk phone on any device. Conveniently set up call screening, forwarding, video, chat, voicemail, calendars, and more in a few clicks.

The Highlights:

  • Move calls from desk phones to cell phones in one click.
  • Access the cloud network with data or WiFI – take your desk phone anywhere.
  • Integrate with productivity apps like Office, Outlook, Google Calendar, and more.
business sms-icon
Business SMS

Your customers are texting. With CloudTalk Pro, you can text back directly from your business lines. Employees can set up Business SMS on their smartphones to make communications quick, versatile, and scalable. 

The Highlights: 

  • Messages can be received/managed by a single employee or group.
  • The AI system can recognize certain keywords and trigger instant responses. 
  • Employees can route all communications from their business number to their smartphone – no personal information needed. 
sally sms bot-icon
Sally SMS Bot

Sally is CloudTalk Pro’s AI bot helping businesses connect with customers instantly and effectively. Program Sally to learn the ins and outs of your business, respond to customers with relevant information, and connect them to the right resources. 

The Highlights:

  • Respond to customers in a matter of seconds.
  • Resolve common issues automatically – save your manpower. 
  • Sally gets smarter with every interaction to grow with your business. 
work from home-icon

CloudTalk Pro is making the shift to remote work easy and painless. Velocita’s remote work specialists will use a telecommuting assessment tool to gauge the bandwidth of your employees’ home office. No matter where they are, we’ll make sure they’re ready to rock. 

The Highlights:

  • Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere with a network connection. 
  • Pull together voice, text, chat, and collaboration in one unified system. 
  • Easily upgrade any office accessory to ensure employees have the work-from-home capability they need. 

CloudTalk Pro Features:


Caller ID

Call Transfer

Call Parking

Call Forwarding

Call Recording

Call Reporting


Voicemail to Email

Follow Me

VMX Locator


Do Not Disturb

Call Queues

Music on Hold

Office Hours

Call Screening

Instant Call Control

Ring Groups

Conference Rooms

Phone Directory

Intercom & Paging

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Dictation

Remote Users

Multiple Offices

Advantages of CloudTalk Pro Business
Telephone Services

easy to implement-icon

Velocita’s telephone services will get your CloudTalk Pro system up and running in no time. Our experts will examine your needs, then recommend the most ideal option.

user friendly-icon

CloudTalk Pro makes it overly simple to manage communications from your favorite web browser. Spend more time focusing on business growth – and less on your phone system.


Customers don’t conform to a 9-5 schedule. CloudTalk Pro makes it easy to answer questions, resolve problems, and make sales with VOIP – at a moment’s notice.

cost effective-icon

CloudTalk Pro is significantly cheaper than on-premise services. Get in touch with our team to day and we will provide you with a personalized quote.

100% cloud-icon

Your entire system lives in the cloud. If the power goes out or lines go down, everything is automatically routed to your mobile device so you never miss a beat.

business growth-icon

Adding lines and communication portals is done in a matter of clicks – no bulky cables, extended wait times, or costly setup charges. 

Velocita’s Process to Set Up Your 
Business Telephone System

business analysis-icon

Our experts will conduct a thorough examination of your requirements to develop customized business phone services tailored to your company. 

quick setup-icon

Getting started on CloudTalk Pro can be done in a cinch. Velocita manages the entire setup process – and makes sure everyone is comfortable with the new system. 


As your business grows, so will your telephone requirements. We’ll hammer out a versatile plan to make sure your phone system keeps up with the changes. 

ongoing maintenance-icon

As a managed IT services provider, our job never really ends. Our technicians are on call around the clock to manage any issues and keep you up and running. 

Ready for a business phone system that brings your company into the future?

Get in touch with Velocita today to set up CloudTalk Pro!

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