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We started working with Velocita over a decade ago.

"We have 3 offices throughout the area totaling over 50 employees. Nextech - our EMR software is crucial to the livelihood of our business. Frank and his team make sure that we never have any downtime or outages. They are responsible for our entire IT infrastructure including our computer equipment and all of the tablets that we use with our patients. They truly make our day to day operation run as smoothly as possible. The team is extremely helpful and always make us feel like their top priority.

In one particular instance I remember our systems were completely shut down, crippling our ability to open for business. Frank and his team were onsite at our office within 10 minutes. They stayed through the night and worked to make sure all our records remained protected and we were able to continue to see patients the next morning like normal. Truly an amazing job done by all involved!”


Donna Erickson

Office Manager
Dermatology Associates

We are a well-established excavating firm in business since 1995.

"We have been working with Velocita Technology for over 10 years now.

The work they do is truly remarkable. Frank and his team manage the IT needs of our main office and our field sites. That’s no small task, as at any given moment that could be between 3-20 sites depending on our project load. They were solely responsible for getting our whole company on one platform for much improved communication with setting up our business email, and Microsoft Teams. We also recently had a server crash. Frank and his team remoted in and had us back up and running almost immediately. When we built our new building in 2018, they led the efforts of vetting internet providers and designed our complete IT infrastructure from the ground up...everything is plug and play.

I always appreciate that they don’t oversell you, they give multiple options and solutions for projects, and are very much forward thinking. That’s where the trust we have in them has been built from. We highly value their opinion and lean on them to provide overall strategy as our virtual C.T.O.

Any firm that is looking to grow and scale their business, Velocita truly is part of your team. You couldn't ever get me to consider another tech company. Salt of the earth people from ownership and on down the line."

Kristin Master

Kristen Evers

Concord Excavating

We are a Joliet-based company that provides quality electrical components for our partners.

"We have two divisions in North America including a 15,000+ square foot climate-controlled building and 80 total employees. Frank and his team have been responsible for the management of our entire IT infrastructure since 2014. That includes all of our computers, printers, servers, production equipment and our MRP - EstiTrak at both of our locations. It is crazy to think that Velocita is monitoring all of our systems at both our HQ and our Mexico-plant simultaneously. The power of their technology is awesome!

It was in 2014 that our company started to experience significant growth. We had an internal IT staff, but we really needed a more strategic and efficient approach as we scaled our operations. Frank listened to our past struggles with IT and with a mind on reaching future organizational goals, came and laid out a very clear and effective plan on how to help us achieve them. It was a perfect solution that fit us from both a budgetary and needs-based perspective.

Their team is very easy going, ulta-responsive, and provides same day fixes any time we’ve had a problem. It’s exciting and empowering to know that we have a strategic IT partner to continue to grow and scale with!"


Mike Burman

Advantage Components

I own and operate a long-time CPA firm here in Joliet.

"We have worked with Velocita Technology for over 20 years now. As an accounting firm that largely focuses on income tax preparation, half of my revenue is generated in just 3 months out of the year... so I cannot afford to have ANY downtime. Frank, Cheryl, and their team make sure that we’re always up and running as efficiently as possible.

By nature of our business being what it is, having large amounts of data constantly being monitored and protected is critical to the livelihood of our business. Velocita’s solutions for remote backup support and their Cloud Talk phone system have become key elements of our day to day.

We really appreciate that every member of the team is extremely helpful and professional. There are always capable hands to handle any issues that may arise. Through two plus decades, it has always been refreshing to hear Frank’s consultative approach toward our technology. They are never selling us anything that is unneeded.

We would highly recommend Velocita Technology to any firm that is looking for a trusted IT partner."


Geoff Schlender

Lyday & Associates

Associated Orthodontists has been serving the Joliet

"Associated Orthodontists has been serving the Joliet community and surrounding areas for over 50 years and as technology has evolved, our needs have evolved as well. Our relationship with Frank and his team at Velocita began in 2011 and has directly impacted our practice’s ability to do business.  From establishing seamless communication across 6 of our locations, to protecting patient records, Velocita has been an integral part of our daily operations.

Power outages, disrupted internet service and now a global pandemic have all created challenges with our ability to serve and communicate with our patients. Velocita has been able to keep us fully functioning and available to our patients no matter what situation pops up.  Using a locally-owned company was important to us, as our Orthodontists are all from this area.  We found just that, plus an outstanding level of service and expertise with the team at Velocita, and let’s not forget about TRUST. We’re in the business of straightening smiles, not technology. We can count on Velocita to not only be there for us in emergency situations, but to also provide us with the best solutions for our business AND to keep us informed and protected as new technologies emerge. Their communication is outstanding!"


Julia Ademic

Office Manager
Associated Orthodontists

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