Managed IT Services: 10 Reasons Your Business Is Better Off Using an MSP

Managed IT services have become the most viable option for businesses to meet their IT requirements.

The worth of the IT services market is expected to grow to 257.84 billion USD by 2022.

So, why are small-sized businesses in favor of IT services?

IT services are cost-effective and help in-house business teams concentrate on the core areas. Moreover, as organizations struggle to cope with the ubiquitous complexities of their IT ecosystem, your managed services provider can help you maintain, monitor, and enhance the security features of your enterprise IT network proactively.

In this post, we have mentioned how your business can perform better by collaborating with an IT services provider.

Managed IT Services Help Maintain Compliance-icon
Managed IT Services Help Maintain Compliance

Non-compliance with industry regulations on the part of businesses may result in data breaches and heavy fines.

However, it may be difficult for you to determine the kind of compliance your business requires. Several factors, like the type of business, geographical location, and the nature of transactions your business performs, are considered when determining the compliance suitable for your business.

Managed services providers are equipped with the knowledge of understanding and implementing the compliance your enterprise needs. Also, your service provider automatically updates them as and when required. You can rest assured that you are always on par with the necessary federal, state, and industry compliance regulations.

Step up Security-icon
Step up Security

Your IT services provider ensures that your network is secured from cyberattacks. They can identify possible security threats to your IT system and make sure that the required steps to mitigate risks are taken. 

In this regard, they implement a security management, which includes the installation of anti-virus, anti-spam, and firewalls to curb the entry of malware. 

Moreover, IT companies conduct training sessions to educate your employees on cybersecurity awareness and the importance of strong passwords. They are also told to avoid downloading unnecessary attachments and clicking on unknown links. These steps help in maintaining a secure IT environment.

Reduce Costs-icon
Reduce Costs

Having an in-house IT team means incurring hiring costs and paying salaries, employee benefits, and perks. Also, ongoing maintenance will consume a major portion of your budget. Running your IT system on outdated software and devices may also impact your business outcomes. 

When you collaborate with an IT company, these ongoing costs are controlled. You are provided a compendium of services that includes expert IT workforce, maintenance, software, hardware, and network infrastructure, thereby resulting in considerable cost savings.

Managed IT Services Control Downtime-icon
Managed IT Services Control Downtime

Downtime refers to the inability to perform your business operations due to a software/hardware malfunction, data loss or manual error that has impacted your network. Whatsoever the reason, it is considered a waste of time and resources. 

With a managed IT services provider in place, you can access backed-up business data. This way, your IT infrastructure can continue its operations even in the case of a data loss. Your managed IT service provider restores data, bringing back your IT ecosystem to near-normalcy at the earliest, thereby minimizing the impact of downtime. 

Lower Risks-icon
Lower Risks

A notable capability of IT services providers is that they constantly monitor your enterprise network. This way, they can predict/identify bottlenecks and rectify them promptly. This proactive approach enables correcting concerns with your network even before they occur.

Moreover, these service providers offer 24/7 maintenance and support that helps address technical concerns right away, thereby reducing risks.

Access Updated Technology-icon
Access Updated Technology

You may have an in-house team with the right blend of experts/tools in the latest technologies. However, they may change/update with time. Small and mid-sized businesses may find it difficult to constantly train their workforce, shuffle employees or purchase tools based on ongoing requirements.

On the other hand, your managed IT services provider handles several clients with varying technical requirements. Therefore, they are equipped with the know-how of a myriad of technologies. When your requirements change, they may reuse the same hardware/software, tools or staff for other clients, thereby eliminating chances of idle resources. Furthermore, they offer their service package of services cost-effectively. This ensures access to updated technologies while being easy on your budget.

Enable Scalability-icon
Enable Scalability

Managed IT services are best known to scale up and down capabilities based on your unique technical needs. For example, consider that your enterprise network demands the integration of two tools for better performance. Your managed IT service provider will provide the required hardware/software and workforce with the technical skillset to accomplish this integration. 

They offer the pay-as-you-use model, which requires you to pay only for the number of resources and services used within a particular duration. This makes scalability cost-effective.

Focus on Core Business-icon
Focus on Core Business

If you were a small and mid-sized business from a non-IT background, you may find it difficult to understand technical terms, requirements, and what it takes to maintain an in-house IT team. 

Your managed IT services provider can help you in these cases. 39% of SMBs use IT companies to take complete charge of their IT requirements. They relieve you of the trouble of attending to your IT needs. This, in turn, helps you focus on your core business, thereby positively impacting business outcomes.

Improve Customer Relationships-icon
Improve Customer Relationships

Partnering with a managed IT services provider offers you access to the latest technology and applications. This enables you to deliver uninterrupted services to your clientele, attract new prospects, and nurture customer relationships.

Moreover, managed services reduce risks and occurrences of downtime, thereby showcasing your organization’s reliability in the market. This helps you gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Enable Increased Productivity-icon
Enable Increased Productivity

Managed services providers diligently monitor your system and proactively rectify flaws. They plug loopholes even before they cause damage, and also correct issues after they arise. They make sure that your enterprise network is always in the ready state, free from the interruptions of unplanned outages and downtime, thereby enabling increased productivity.

Wrap Up

Undoubtedly, the demand for partnering with an IT services provider has increased. They enable organizations to focus better on their core business, reduce costs, and improve the quality of their customer relationships. Hopefully, the above-mentioned points highlight these benefits and how they contribute towards the hassle-free functioning of IT ecosystem of your business.

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