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Whether it is a bakery or a dental practice, technology is at the heart of most businesses nowadays. Although technology makes it possible to keep your business up and running virtually 24/7, your computer network needs continuous monitoring to avoid unexpected downtime and cybersecurity issues.

So, if you want your business to thrive in an increasingly tech-driven world, you need to start thinking about outsourced IT support right away. When you find the right IT support in Orland, it becomes a lot easier to create a tech environment that boosts productivity and security.

That’s why you need an Orland IT support provider that understands your requirements perfectly and aligns your tech infrastructure with your business goals. Velocita is one of the few companies that have developed a proactive outsourced IT support process. We make sure our IT support contributes to your business process optimization and enhances your productivity.


Advantage of Velocita's IT Support


Offering IT support since 1997, Velocita has helped several small and mid-sized businesses build and optimize their tech infrastructure. We want our IT support to be a powerhouse for your business. Here’s what sets us apart from our competitors.

Leverage the IT Expertise-icon
Leverage the IT Expertise

When you partner with an IT company like Velocita, your business can enjoy unmatched tech expertise. Our technicians have years of experience in cybersecurity, hardware maintenance, and cloud computing, among other technologies. 

Linear IT Support-icon
Linear IT Support

We know outsourced IT support is all about teamwork. We will collaborate with your in-house IT team and employees to work out a suitable solution.

Scale with Limited Budget-icon
Scale with Limited Budget

We will help you create an IT plan that fits your budget. Our proactive IT support ensures the best possible return on every dollar you invest in technology. 

Predictable Monthly Cost-icon
Predictable Monthly Cost

Our compressive IT support in Orland comes at a fixed monthly fee. So, you don’t have to worry about unexpected IT expenses. 

Stay Protective Against Threats-icon
Stay Protective Against Threats

Our cybersecurity experts will make sure to keep your business safe from potential data breaches, ransomware attacks, and phishing scams, among other cyberthreats. 

Velocita's Process


Our primary focus is to provide you with high-quality and consistent IT support. Our team will identify and implement cutting-edge solutions that align with your business vision. As a leading IT support provider in Orland, here is what we promise to deliver.

Comprehensive Business Analysis-icon
Comprehensive Business Analysis

We know each business is unique. That’s why we will check your IT infrastructure and business goals thoroughly to offer tailored IT support. 

Exhaustive Planning-icon
Exhaustive Planning

Our outsourced IT support is characterized by exhaustive planning. Our experts will make sure to cover every aspect of your business when planning your IT infrastructure. 

End to End Implementation
End to End Implementation

When it comes to on-site IT support, our experts will not leave your office until everything is up and running. We will also visit regularly to fix any issue before it turns into a disaster.

Continuous Monitoring-icon
Continuous Monitoring

To ensure higher productivity and safety, we will monitor your computer network 24/7. We will also keep it updated and optimized to reduce the risk of system bugs or external threats. 

Future Planning-icon
Future Planning

We know IT support is not just about optimizing your current tech infrastructure. We will also help you scale up your IT to meet your future growth.

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