What is Managed IT Support?

All You Need to Know About
Managed IT Support

Your All-Inclusive Resource for Business Technology

Companies need to be thinking proactively about the technology they use, not reactively. Think of managed IT support like "full-coverage" for your technology needs – at a confirmed monthly rate. A managed IT service provider doesn’t just show up when things go south, they’ve got eyes on your business infrastructure around the clock.

The business world is becoming more tech-focused by the day. Band-Aid fixes and one-and-done emergency jobs are a thing of the past. Instead of paying for individual tasks as the need arises, opt for a managed service provider to handle all of your IT needs, proactively avoid issues, and ensure your business stays in-tune with industry trends.
What Is Managed IT Support

Why Managed IT Services Are the Future


It’s no secret that a team of in-house IT professionals comes at a hefty cost. As technology continues to evolve, the need for full-service IT help is simply the reality of running a business. A managed services provider gives you quick and affordable access to all the skills required to properly maintain your IT infrastructure. For more than three decades, we’ve built Velocita on a vision to provide the same level of IT support clients would get with an in-house team – at a fraction of the cost. Our experts will keep a watchful eye on cybercrime, educate your company on the best practices, and provide longstanding solutions at a moment’s notice, because every second counts in IT.

The Top Reasons

to Work with a Managed Service Provider
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Your All-Inclusive Resource for Business Technology

In-house IT professionals don’t come cheap. Opting for an MSP gives you an entire roster of IT specialists in your back pocket, at a reasonable price.

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You’re Drowning in IT Tasks

You can only manage IT to a certain level without a dedicated team. MSPs are there to do all the heavy lifting in your IT tasks and development.

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You Lack the Know-How to Manage IT on Your Own

IT can seem like a foreign language to the untrained eye. Working with an MSP means you have all the technological expertise you need at the click of a button.

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You Need to Stay Competitive in Your Industry

Success in today’s business world relies on the technology you have in place. An MSP’s primary job is making sure your technology gives you a leg up on the competition.

The Benefits

of Working with a Managed Service Provider
Stay Ahead of the Tech Curve

A managed service provider works around the clock to make sure you are using the very best industry technology to maximize your business potential.

Focus More on Your Business – Less on Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting an IT infrastructure on your own is recipe for a headache. Spend more time growing your business and leave problem solving to your MSP!

Be Proactive Against Threats

New cyberthreats emerge by the hour. An MSP is watching these threats like a hawk and fine-tuning your IT setup to avoid them.

Scale Your Business with Ease

As your business grows, so do your IT requirements. An MSP is there to make sure your business infrastructure adapts to growth and industry changes.

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