Fixed Pricing Model

What is Fixed Pricing Model
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What is a Fixed Pricing Model?

Surprises are the last thing you want with IT.

A fixed pricing model is simple: all of your managed IT services bundled together for one, predictable cost.

Opting for this model means the entire scope of your business technology is maintained, protected, and optimized around the clock for a set price – no gray areas, no unexpected invoices.

Fixed Pricing Model

Why is a Fixed Pricing Model the Best
Choice for IT Support?


Paying for IT support on a per diem basis does not bode well for businesses.

In this model, the more problems you have, the more money the IT company makes. It’s in their best financial interest to keep you coming back with new issues.

A fixed pricing model is the opposite. As you pay a flat monthly rate for unlimited support, the managed service provider is motivated to keep your technology running smoothly and safeguarded from threats 24/7.

The primary goal of an IT support company operating on a fixed pricing model is to keep you as a happy client.

How do they do this?

Comprehensive analysis of your business. Proactive solutions. Long term fixes. Fast response times.

How Does a Fixed Pricing Model Work?


A fixed pricing model is going to look a bit different for every business. As a managed service provider, we cannot give you an accurate monthly quote unless we fully understand your business technology. Velocita follows a four-step assessment process to determine the level of support you need.

site visit-icon
Site Visit

This involves a tour of your company and a meeting with your team to gauge your current setup, needs, and how we can provide the customized services you need to thrive.

end-user review-icon
End-User Review

To support your business technology, we need to know how it’s used day-after-day. We’ll analyze all workflows, challenges, and inefficiencies your employees face.

network assessment-icon
Network Assessment

The network assessment is about determining how all your devices connected to your network can be protected, maintained, and fine-tuned to function as a cohesive unit.

the report-icon
The Report

The final step is providing a report of your supportability, where your vulnerabilities lie, our recommendations, the most ideal IT services for your business – and the monthly cost.

Our team at Velocita is happy to answer any questions and walk you through the details of our fixed pricing model.

Benefits of a Fixed Pricing Model

Predictable Monthly Expense

Get all the IT support you need at a consistent price. Any changes or fluctuations are brought to your attention long before the invoice is sent out.

uncompromising support-icon
Uncompromising Support

Stop living in constant fear of IT failures and stay covered at all times. When you win, your IT company wins.

longstanding solutions-icon
Longstanding Solutions

Rest assured that you are getting the best solutions to reduce current and future IT problems – no Band-Aid fixes!

Are you ready to switch to a reliable fixed pricing model for all your IT needs?

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