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A specialist in video surveillance solutions, Velocita Technology, located in Joliet, IL, can create a cost effective video surveillance system that will meet your needs and your budget.  Velocita Technology, Inc. has aligned themselves with a number of different video surveillance manufacturers, so if you are looking for a single camera to monitor your back door, or if your looking to create a state of the art surveillance system for your new high school, Velocita has the right solution for you.

Velocita Technology understands the needs of businesses and institu-tions.  Businesses require a video surveillance solution that provides security, the ability to monitor visitor and staff behavior, as well as a solution that will limit their liability claims.  Images may have to be handled sensitively.  A system must be comprehensive, user friendly, efficient to operate, and economical to install and maintain.  The video surveillance requirements of each business are unique and Velocita Technology will work with you to identify a system that will deliver your objectives.  Velocita Technology provides a full package:  cameras, recorders, cabling, power, software and installation. 24/7 support and maintenance is also available.  Velocita Technology can add value to your business or property with the latest in video surveillance protection.  Your business and property are safer, your tenants are happier and it can all be achieved at a remarkably affordable cost.

  • Visual deterrence: 67% of burglars avoid property protected by CCTV.
  • Limit your exposure to false insurance claims.
  • Video image clarity, quality color and IR (infra-red) night vision. Live monitoring: You can review live video over the internet with instant playback of activity or events.
  • High Quality imagery. Evidence of events for police or insurance purposes.
  • Live viewing of pictures so your staff always know what is going on.

Your home is your castle, although it is not practical to build a moat around it Velocita Technology, Inc. can help you protect it with a residential video surveillance system.  Velocita Technology can provide you a residential system supporting 1 to 32 cameras per system.  Multiple systems can be configured to work together providing for an unlimited number of cameras to be managed and monitored.  Cameras can be equipped with Infra Red technology that will provide you the ability to see in the dark.  That’s right, with our IR based cameras you will be able to see in total darkness.  Velocita Technology’s  residential solutions also provide for remote viewing giving you the ability to review your cameras from any computer on the internet.

A major advantage in using digital surveillance systems is that it allows users the ability to view their cameras from anywhere in the world, using the internet. The system can be setup to alert the user when a certain event occurs (such as movement in a restricted area during night hours).
The alert can be in the form of an e-mail or a SMS text message to a mobile phone.

As a manufacturer authorized facility, Velocita Technology provides turnkey video surveillance solutions.  Velocita certified installers will install your new video system, train you how to use it and will be there to support you just in case you ever have a problem.  Velocita Technology realizes how important your video surveillance solution is to you and has 24 hour service and support agreements available.

  • A quality assured design, installation, and after sales service
  • Indoor, Outdoor Weatherproof or Vandal Proof cameras
  • Digital video recorders (DVR) or Recording Servers that support 1 to 1000’s of cameras
  • High speed internet streaming with the latest protocols
  • Control of security assets from a central location over the web. Ability to move cameras and zoom in from hundreds of miles away.
  • Recording of date, time and camera location of images.
  • Long term video storage that can be reviewed at any time during the retention period.
  • Events of interest can be copied to disk and printed.
  • No more changing tapes every day, no more low quality grainy recording.


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